A short statement of intent and description.

Although  not intentionally regional in nature, these drawings, paintings, prints and bookworks mainly reflect the memories and experience of landscape and place, connected to the history and location of the area in which I live in Derbyshire and various sites visited either by design or chance. I am continually drawn to express a personal view of particular obsessions and passing interests, moderated by imagination and engagement with a range of paint, print  processes and book structures.

It seems to me quite an 'English' experience to equate landscape with what one could call, 'authentic' experience as opposed to the general clutter of extraneous details that tend to dominate our lives. Moments of insight and value occur in the most varied of locations, from Arbor Low to the carwash on Newbold Road, and as an artist I claim the opportunity to record and explore these.

The process of visual and conceptual exploration takes a variety of forms; visual depictions, listings, inventories, layers of synchronicity and allusion and sequences of text and image exploring these experiences through narrative gambits. Trying to keep one foot in the door of unfettered, drawn experience, this hybrid approach expresses a view of the world that is personal but also hopefully accessible and engaging to other viewers.


Peter Knight

CRICH, Derbyshire, January 2009